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Sunday, November 6, 2011

Does Your Web Writing Do That?

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I just got done reading an article by web writing genius, Dr. Patsi Krakoff. Her last two posts have been about neuromarketing. In this post she wrote something that I couldn't get out of my head.

"When something catches our attention, if we want to know more, and if it triggers one of our drives (acquire it, eat it, bond with it, use it to save time, energy or money or protect family) we will remember it so that we can take action on it." You can read her whole article here.

Web Write For Emotional Connection


Web writing is nothing more than trying to trap a reader's attention in some emotional way. If it is helpful, time or money saving, or protection related, our minds will want to latch on to it. We are a very self-centered animal amidst a very greedy culture. What does it do for me?

This is the reason that "time saving" and "money making" blogs, sites and content are so popular on the web today. We take an already convenient and superfast platform for information, such as the internet, and we search for products, advice and services that will make our life even more convenient.

Web Writing Ideas


So, the next time you're thinking about your next article for HubPages or InfoBarrel keep the following questions in mind for the best chance of interaction and getting the reader to do something with your content.

What do you know best? Can your web writing turn out a "How-To" article about it? Can that article be so tightly written and easy to understand that a person will be able to accomplish the task right then and there?

What most concerns you about the safety of your children or yourself? Web writing on those particular topics can be particularly effective. If you can convince the reader that they should follow your advice, or safety tips, then the message will be branded somewhere deep in the consciousness, almost feeling guilty if they don't follow it. Loved ones are a great motivator.

A recipe? Web writing about food, and especially recipes, are terribly action causing. Doesn't it feel like you always spend more in a grocery store when you're hungry? Now, imagine making someone's mouth water as they're searching for a pot roast recipe. If they liked it…they'll come back. Why? Because you have just satisfied one of the most primal, powerful and original human physiological warnings-hunger.

Web Writing can be a very powerful tool. That's why companies pay millions of dollars annually for good web writing and content. The ability to imprint themselves on the psyche of their customers can mean a lifelong commitment to their brand or service. Does your web writing do that?

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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Tips On Web Writing For Money: Go to InfoBarrel!

Continuing on the theme of where web writers can earn money residually let’s talk a little bit today about InfoBarrel.  I haven’t written for InfoBarrel much but I am in the middle of writing a series of web friendly articles to place on the site.  So, let’s get down to business!
You need a Google Adsense account.  Surprise, right?  Once you implement your Adsense publishers ID into the InfoBarrel system you’ll start earning 75% of the all the revenue that those ads produce. That’s really good, actually. 
Perhaps the best thing that InfoBarrel has got going over other web writing publishing platforms is the fact you can choose which kinds of ads are going to appear on your content; text, image or both.  This is great because you should have a pretty good idea of what will be more effective on your own content.

The platform is easy to use.  I really the “signature block” feature.  This is a little profile picture with a blurb that can contain links and really ads a personalization to the content, as well as a very visible anchor text link back to a profile page or your blog.
You create a title and, check the availability and start writing!  You’re allowed two contextual links within the content as long as it pertains to the content or has some relation.  All links are “do follow”. 
Recommendation:  I would use only one self-serving contextual link in the main content and allow your “signature” to do the rest.  If people like you they’ll seek you out and InfoBarrel makes it easy for them to do it.  Too many contextual links within the content will be distracting to the reader and may result in your article being rejected.  More on that below.
Per the InforBarrel site here are the rules:
Your content:
1. Should be at least 325 words, with an ideal size of 400 or more words. Articles under 400 words will most likely NOT appear on the index.
2. Must be original, created by you and must not have been submitted or posted elsewhere on the web.
3. Must not be a sales document, advertisement or any other type of promotional document.
4. Must be written in proper English with correct spelling, grammar and structure.
5. Must not be derogatory, hateful, pornographic or defamatory in any manner.
6. Must not have external links in the first paragraph. Links to other InfoBarrel content is ok.
7. Maximum of 2 self-serving links per article.
8. Content must contain value for the reader and mustn't be written solely for the purposes of manipulating search engines.
Particulars About InfoBarrel That I Like!
Web writers can do more than upload written content.  You can also publish video, photos and sound clips. 
Each and every submission is reviewed by someone on the InfoBarrel team so your content won’t be published right away.  You may think that this is a hindrance at first, especially if you’re use to writing for some place like HubPages where you are published immediately but may be flagged later.  I actually think it is awesome though!
This ensures that every article written for InfoBarrel is original and of high quality.  This is great for reputation and results in return readers.

All in all, InfoBarrel gets a big thumbs up here and I would be a great place for web writers to make money with their content.  If you have any web writing tips, hints, or leads on how to make good money on InfoBarrel or anywhere else, please let us know in the comments.  Web writers need to stick together!

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Web Writing For Money With HubPages

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I'll admit it.  Writing on the web for money by placing articles on HubPages took a while to grow on me.  I didn't like the idea of giving my web writing to someone else to "share" the money with.  Besides that, when I first started blogging or web writing for residual earnings I was impatient.  I put a few articles in different places and then, when I didn't earn much (zero, actually!) I got disgruntled.

Keys To Web Writing For Money With HubPages

This is gonna' be quick and dirty because I truly feel that no matter how many tutorials or "how-to" articles you read, you just need to do it and learn.  There are, however, some keys (not secrets!) to make your money making writing more successful.

  • You need to write alot:  No matter how much research you do or how "hot" your topic is the traffic and interest will die down eventually.  When your 40 to 50 views on one article per day die down to 2 or 3 then what happens? Well, you need to have about 15-20 articles getting a few impressions and reads per day.
  • Do Some Keyword Research:  I don't condone writing solely for search engines as you have already found out if you have been reading my posts for more than a day or two.  You do need to do some research though.  If you have a writing topic idea then go to Google Adwords and type in a couple different versions of the keywords you want to write about and see which has the most traffic.  For truly optimal results, use several different versions of that keyword or phrase various times throughout the article....but do it naturally!
  • Backlinking:  Right now Google and other search engines give a lot of credit to what I like to call "peer recommendations".  When people read your article and share it on social networks, +1 it, or link it on their own sites then the search engines see it as "more valuable".  It makes sense.  If it is quality writing with great worth then more people will want to spread it around.  The problem is that many people don't get that kind of recognition for their writing-even with a high page-ranking site like HubPages.  A good tool for creating backlinks in a natural, "legal" way is to use .
 That's it!  That's all you get.  Now...go out there and Make Money Web Writing!

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